Rodent Control & Prevention

Rodents can cause significant damage to buildings, gardens, property and people.

We will fully inspect the property inside & out, identify access points, make recommendations to avoid further infestations & will carry out proofing where required. 


Insect Control & Prevention

Insect infestations can cause allergies, diseases, stress, property damage, bad reputation for businesses, and some can sting or bite humans & pets.

We will fully inspect the property inside & out to identify the problem and will locate the source of the insect infestation. We use the safest method to remove insects from your property.


We will also make recommendations to prevent further infestations once the treatment is completed.


Elimin8 Pest Control has you covered! There is no need to spend your valuable time dealing with pest control problems when you could be enjoying time with friends and family. Let us take care of it! Whether it's ants, spiders, cockroaches, or even bed bugs, our professional pest control experts can handle any pest problem. 

We also provide the service of removing deceased animals from your property, garden or business. We safely collect & dispose of the body in a discreet way, whilst making sure we prevent the spread of any possible disease. 

Bird Control

Pigeons are the most common bird to cause damage to buildings through nesting activity and they also erode surfaces with their faeces which contains uric acid, eventually this causes water ingress to a building and thus spreading further damage.


Birds such as Pigeons carry a variety of diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli that can be transmitted to man not only from the droppings but also the birds themselves.


When dry, pigeon droppings can become airborne in small particles, which can lead to respiratory complaints such as psittacosis.

We are one of the most competitively priced companies around that carry out bird proofing with excellent reviews.


Our bird removal services include:

Bird netting system // Bird spikes // Bird wire system // Bird free gel // Solar panels proofing // Fouling  removal  & sanitation